About VMG Print

VMG Print has been on the market for over 17 successful years. Previously named AMGRAFBIS, the company took on a new name in 2005, when we became part of VMG Group - a group of media companies.

Currently, VMG Print is a team of nearly 70 perfectly organized people and a modern machine park, enabling us to carry out all ordered works in a complex and efficient manner.

VMG printing house is known for its high quality services, timeliness and great flexibility in cooperation. What confirms our high and constant work quality is that we have achieved and implemented ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

Our vast experience and versatility are also confirmed by a wide portfolio of the company’s Clients.

Please read the „General printing terms at VMG Print Sp. z o.o." (Download OWD.PDF - Polish)
See „Guidelines for preparing materials for offset printing at VMG Print Sp. z o.o." (Download WPMDD.PDF - Polish)

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Quality confirmed by ISO 9001:2015

In order to meet our Clients’ expectations and ensure complex service, VMG Print printing house has been equipped with a number of world class machines.

Production process management system

VMG uses the most innovative technologies to support management of the production process.

The use of specialist software VEXUS 2.1, based on internal network structure, allows us to:

  • identify the progress of works online - 24h
  • control workflow in a precise manner (from the moment of order until shipment of the ready product)
  • immediately react tin case of any problems in production
  • utilize our team and machines more efficiently
  • carry out technologically complex, multistage orders in a short time.


The printing house has its own separate DTP department, responsible for:

preparation of ordered works for production
typesetting and text makeup for publications requiring corrections/updates
technical support for the Client on the stage of preparing production materials
Orders are taken in form of postscript files; depending on the Clients’ needs, the studio also processes open files - allowing changes to be made.

CTP Image-setting studio

VMG Print is in possession of its own CTP Image-setting studio, allowing us to produce materials in high resolution and formats corresponding to the utilized machine base. This allows us to shorten the time of carrying out assigned works significantly, with full control of their quality.

Printing proof forms (acceptance previews of signatures)
Generating chromalins (proofs)
Digital files - acceptance previews

Modern machine park

Production background of VMG is our strong asset. The production line has been designed in a proper way in order to ensure maximum quality and efficiency of production, and minimize the impact of external conditions on the printing process.

maximum printing size: B1
precise automatization and control of the production process
full compatibility and integration of the production system with preparation room and the treatment process
electronic control of temperature and humidity levels in production areas
high efficiency of printing machines, on a combined level of 1.872.000 sheets per 24h
production halls ensure full ergonomy and safety at work
electronic systems of management and control of color components and their intensity ensure perfect projection of shapes and colors

The machine park consists of 5 printing machines. This provides efficiency on a level of approx. 4 million prints each month.

Thanks to a variety of formats and utilized technologies, we are able to adjust the production process to specific products in the most efficient way.

Heidelberg 102 CD

Min format: 43x61cm | Max format: 72x102cm

Heidelberg SM 72

Min format: 35x50cm | Max format: 72x52cm


Min format: 29,7x42cm | Max format: 48,5x66cm

Konica bizhub 1200

Min format: 9,5x13,3cm | Max format: 32,4x46,3cm

Konica bizhub C 8000

Min format: 10x14cm | Max format: 33x48,7cm

VMG PRINT - The highest standards of polygraphic services

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The offer of VMG PRINT printing house

The printing house offers complex operation of the production process including logistics, and a wide variety of products.

Complex prepress and production service Short completion deadlines Full control of production quality Professional advisory and technical support Vast experience in carrying out complex projects Full logistic service Storekeeping of ready products

Offer / Services

  • Offset printing
  • Digital print
  • Point of Sale Materials
  • Graphic design studio
  • Finish / binding
  • Gadgets

The most precise technology providing the highest quality. It is used when large orders and formats are completed where time is not the key factor.

Owing to the possibility of applying a broad range of finish options (UV paint, disperse paint, matt foil, glossy foil, soft touch foil, hot stamping, embossing, laminating), it is a perfect solution for manufacturing elegant business cards, catalogues, company folders or binders.

Offset print advantages:
Highest quality of print
Low unit costs in case of large orders
Broad range of types and grades of paper
CMYK or Pantone colour palette
Possibility of obtaining irregular shapes through die-cutting using any type of dies

If you would like to find out more about the possibilities of offset printing, please contact our representative.

Selected products in our offer:

Holiday cards

Business cards

Business card holders

Headed paper / letter sheets

Offer folders

Printed envelopes



Notebooks/desktop calendars


Flyers (A6, A5, A4, A3, squared or custom)

Folded flyers (A3/A4, A4/A5, A5/A6, squared or custom)









Vouchers/gift cards




Bill holders

Price lists



Bottle hangers


Post cards

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VMG PRINT sp. z o.o.

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